Efficient server management is crucial for businesses and web professionals. Plesk, a leading WebOps hosting platform, simplifies this process, especially on Linux systems. This guide provides a step-by-step approach you can install Plesk on Linux, ensuring a smooth and successful setup.

Before you install Plesk:

System Requirements

  • A clean Linux server with internet access.
  • Compatibility with Plesk’s system requirements.
  • Removal of existing instances of Apache, MySQL, Cyrus, SELinux, and PHP, if previously installed.

Installation Methods

1. One-Click Installation

For a basic Plesk Obsidian installation:

sh <(curl https://autoinstall.plesk.com/one-click-installer || wget -O - https://autoinstall.plesk.com/one-click-installer)

2. Browser-Based Installation

If the host or IP is resolvable and port 8447 is open:

  1. Download and set execution permissions for the installer.
  2. Launch the installer via the browser.
  3. Follow the web interface instructions.

3. Command-Line Interface (CLI) Installation

  1. Download and grant execution rights to the installer.
  2. Execute the installer and follow on-screen instructions.

4. Using ISO Images

For Ubuntu and CentOS, use Plesk’s special ISO images that automatically install Plesk during the OS setup.

5. Web Installer

Use the web installer by visiting https://get.plesk.com/ and following the instructions provided.

Post Installation Configuration

  1. Access Plesk using the URL https://your-host:8443 or https://your-ip:8443.
  2. Enter the administrator contact information and change the default password.
  3. Select the license type – trial or paid.
  4. Accept the end-user agreement.

You can activate a 14 days trial license if you are on the first time user of Plesk to test out Plesk full functionality features. To get a license at the end of the trial period, head to our store at the URL to get your official Plesk license key with 37% savings at the URL https://cplicense.net/buy-cheap-plesk-license/


Installing Plesk on Linux enhances server management capabilities. By following this guide, users can ensure a smooth installation process and take the first step towards efficient web operations management.

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