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Switch to Webuzo and manage your hosting infrastructure with additional 20% discount!

Cheapest Webuzo License.
Instant Webuzo License Activation.
No Contract Commitment.
Easily Change IP as you switch server.
Guarantee Original Webuzo License.
Official Webuzo NOC Partner.
Webuzo Control Panel - cPanel Alternative

Why Choose Webuzo as Your Hosting Control Panel

Experience the zenith of hosting management with Webuzo, the multi-user control panel designed to streamline your cloud or dedicated server operations. Outperforming other platforms, Webuzo empowers you to efficiently oversee domains, emails, websites, databases, and more, all while offering an exclusive 20% discount. Elevate your web applications today!

All In One

Webuzo stack delivers a comprehensive environment equipped with all essentials, seamlessly enhancing the development and testing of contemporary web applications.

Server Manager

Navigating domain management can often be cumbersome. Webuzo, with its multifunctional capabilities, doubles as a server management tool, streamlining processes for webmasters.

Safe and Secure

You can set a custom password to ensure exclusive access to the Enduser/Admin Panel. Additionally, it offers a user-friendly interface to modify the FTP user password with ease.

Application Manager

Webuzo features an integrated Softaculous auto-installer, eliminating the hassle of manual script installations, complemented by a plethora of additional benefits.

Manage Cloud Instances

Effortlessly deploy apps across all your domains with just a click. Webuzo's development packages are primed and 'set-to-sizzle' right out of the box.

Advance Domain Management

Should you wish to launch multiple apps within a secure environment where you have complete server control, Webuzo is your go-to solution.

What is Webuzo Control Panel?

Webuzo Control Panel stands as a premier multi-user solution tailored for Hosting Providers, Resellers, and Website Aficionados globally. Boasting effortless navigation, it seamlessly integrates with servers operating on Ubuntu, AlmaLinux, and CentOS. Webuzo streamlines server management, providing automation for hosts and essential site management tools for end-users. Elevate your hosting game with Webuzo!

Cheapest Webuzo License

The cheapest Webuzo license to help you to maximize your monthly license savings.

Webuzo Addons & Plugins

Extend your Webuzo installation with the addons and extensions fully built and compatible to further enhance your management of your Webuzo server.


CloudLinux is a Linux based operating system designed to give shared hosting providers a more stable and secure OS.


Providing complete protection against attacks, Imunify360 delivers sophisticated detection and display of security threats, powered by a self-learning firewall with herd immunity.

Acronis Backup

Easily configure and backup all your Webuzo websites, emails and database to Acronis Cyber Protection Cloud with seamless restoration process by files / folders level.

Cheapest Webuzo License

100% Original Webuzo License | Instant License Provisioning | No Contract Commitment.

Choose Your Platform Environment
Webuzo Cloud / VPS
Webuzo Dedicated Server
Webuzo Personal Cloud
$2/moRetail : $2.5/mo
  •         1 Account
  •         Automatic Updates
  •         Install On Cloud/VPS
Webuzo Personal Dedicated
$4/moRetail : $5/mo
  •         1 Account
  •         Automatic Updates
  •         Install On Dedicated
Webuzo Mini Cloud
$4/moRetail : $5/mo
  •         4 Accounts
  •         Automatic Updates
  •         Install On Cloud/VPS
Webuzo Mini Dedicated
$6/moRetail : $8/mo
  •         4 Accounts
  •         Automatic Updates
  •         Install On Dedicated
Webuzo Professional Cloud
$12/moRetail : $15/mo
  •         15 Accounts
  •         Automatic Updates
  •         Install On Cloud/VPS
Webuzo Professional Dedicated
$12/moRetail : $15/mo
  •         15 Accounts
  •         Automatic Updates
  •         Install On Dedicated
Webuzo Business Cloud
$20/moRetail : $25/mo
  •         Unlimited Accounts
  •         Automatic Updates
  •         Install On Cloud/VPS
Webuzo Business Dedicated
$20/moRetail : $25/mo
  •         Unlimited Accounts
  •         Automatic Updates
  •         Install On Dedicated Server

100% Guarantee Original Webuzo License Key

You can be sure the Webuzo subscription  you receive will be an official activation from Webuzo license server. It will not be any crack key or shared Webuzo license key nor you need to run any encrypted script on your Webuzo installation server for the activation. We don't ask for your server login for your Webuzo license activation.

Webuzo replacing your cPanel as alternative control panel

Looking for an alternative control panel to cPanel? Webuzo provides the in place migration script you can execute on your cPanel to migrate all the setting and data over with seamless experience.  

What our customers say ....

What really matter to us is the commitments we have in ensuring the services and license are delivered promptly to our customers with the best savings.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are you offering a better Webuzo price compare to the retail? Is this original?

Yes. We guaranteed the license issued is genuine and you will get the original product subscription upon your order is issued. In fact, all services offered from our store are original license from the provider's licensing server.

Can I change my Webuzo license IP after I have get the license key?

Yep, you can make changes by updating your IP to the new IP if you are planning on the migration of your Webuzo to a new server. As soon as the IP changes are reflected, your old server / IP address will no longer be licensed accordingly. 

What are the differences between the Webuzo edition?

Webuzo licensing is categorized to 2 platform environment - Cloud and Dedicated Server. 

For Cloud VPS, the available editions are Webuzo Personal, Mino, Professional and Business while for Dedicated Server, only Personal and Mini are available.

Each of this edition difference by the number of accounts you can created on your server.

What are the billing cycle that I need to commit to enjoy the discount?

Both monthly and yearly. With yearly, you get to enjoy up to 20% savings on your license. You can start with monthly and reach out to switch your billing cycle to yearly to enjoy the 20% off anytime.

I am not ready to buy the paid license, is there a free trial license?

You can sign up for the 15 days trial from Webuzo official website. When you are ready to go live, just come back to us to get your official license to enjoy the savings!

Do you offer full refund if I would cancel my license for unutilized period?

We do not offer any refund once the license has been issued. 

Do I get a price freeze guarantee for the Webuzo license?

Your Webuzo license subscription is not guaranteed a price freeze or lock down for any billing cycle you have signed up. The subscription price will be adjusted accordingly to Webuzo global pricing adjustment (if any).

How do I get technical support if I have issue with Webuzo installation?

Reach out to us by raising a support ticket in our portal and our team will have the investigation carry out for you. If further escalation is needed, we will raise a support ticket to Webuzo support team Level 2 for their further technical advise.

Webuzo Alternative Control Panel

Looking for an alternate hosting control panel other than Webuzo?


cPanel is the industry-leading hosting control panel, renowned for its user-friendly interface and robust functionality. It simplifies website and server management, making it ideal for both beginners and experienced webmasters


Plesk is a user-friendly hosting control panel for managing websites and servers, offering automation, multi-language support, robust security, and extensions for additional functionalities.


ISPmanager is a flexible web hosting control panel that combines ease of use with a comprehensive set of features. It caters to both personal and business needs, providing a powerful tool for managing websites, emails, and databases.

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