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MailEnable is a powerful hosted Windows Mail Server that empower you to easily scale and create collaboration for your organization communication.

The Best Microsoft Exchange Alternative
Affordable Unlimited Mailboxes Licensing
Outlook Integration & ActiveSync Supported for Easy Email Access via Mobile Devices
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Why Choose MailEnable as Your Windows Mail Server

MailEnable provides an end to end solution for providing secure email and collaboration services. A recent independent survey reports MailEnable as the most popular Windows Mail Server Platform in the world. Whether you are a hosting company providing email services to thousands of end users or a small business with a single domain, MailEnable provides a solution that will impress your mail users.

Microsoft Exchange Alternative

MailEnable provides Windows Mail Server software with features comparable to Microsoft Exchange. It provides powerful messaging services like Exchange ActiveSync, IMAP, SMTP, POP3 and collaboration tools such as calendaring (CalDAV), contacts (CardDAV), tasks and notes.

Unlimited Mailboxes Licensing

With server based licensing (unlimited users) MailEnable is the most cost effective mail server solution for email hosting. 

Outlook Integration with MAPI

Extensive integration with Microsoft Outlook is what sets MailEnable apart from other email servers. MailEnable supports real time updates in both directions, not just via a synchronisation add-in, delivering the same functionality as Microsoft Exchange.

WebMail That Works Like Desktop Mail Client

The MailEnable webmail client provides an impressive experience for those accessing email via the browser and is optimized for mobile devices like the iPhone/iPad. 

Fast access to calendars, tasks and contacts is very important and small things like inline contact cards, streaming of video links, contact photos, and schedules all contribute to the end-user experience. 

For example, inline contact cards provide an instant snapshot of the details of the sender, if they have already been added to the Address Book. If the contact does not exist then it will facilitate a means to quickly add it.

Mailenable WebMail License

Store Your Files On the Cloud

MailEnable allows users to store documents, files, images, video etc on the MailEnable server in their 'MyFiles' storage location. With MyFiles you can use MailEnable as a cloud storage provider and mailbox owners are able to access their "My Files" folder as a network drive over the WebDAV protocol as well publish them to the web community. For example, a person can take a photo with their iPhone and immediately save it to MyFiles.

Management Console

MailEnable's management console is a responsive and intuitive platform, that presents administrators with inbound and outbound connection statuses, system usage information, critical server activities and server health reports. 

The console equip administrators with powerful features such as the ability to monitor indexing, import domains/users, and IDN support. It also provides the ability to see the current status of the indexing service, as the number of mailboxes to index and update are shown.

 Administrators can jump directly to the mailbox location on disk with the addition of a "View in Explorer" menu item, and easily find lists, group and directory members with the addition of a filter.

Mailenable Management Console

MailEnable - The Best Alternative Windows Mail Server 

MailEnable has been chosen by some of the world's largest hosting companies as their solution for hosted email and collaboration. The impressive webmail, mobile connectivity, anti-spam and other features have cemented its place as an industry leader.

Mailenable Best Alternative Windows Mail Server

Get Your MailEnable Windows Mail Server License

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        What our customers say ....

        What really matter to us is the commitments we have in ensuring the services and license are delivered promptly to our customers with the best savings.

        Frequently Asked Questions

        Why is it so cheap compare to what MailEnable offer? Are the license you issue original?

        Yes. We guaranteed the license issued is genuine and you will get the original product license key upon your order is issued.

        How long does it takes to get my MailEnable license?

        Unlike other product licenses available on our store, Mailenable does not have the API integrated for our auto provisioning. Any new / renewal of Mailenable license will take up to 1 business day for processing.

        What are the differences between the MailEnable edition?

        MailEnable are shipped in 4 different editions - Standard, Professional, Enterprise and Premium edition. For details comparison, have a look on the details comparison at this page.

        Which platform OS does MailEnable support?

        MailEnable runs only at Windows OS environment. For a complete list of software and hardware requirements, check out the system requirements details.

        What are the billing cycle that I need to commit to enjoy the discount?

        MailEnable license is being offered as perpetual owned license. Your first purchase of the license will include a 12 months support maintenance included. In order to the access of any future release and support, there's a need to renew the support maintenance every 12 months. You can get both the new and support maintenance renewal from our store.

        I am not ready to buy the paid license, is there a free trial license?

        You can download MailEnable Standard edition which is offer as Free by Mailenable. When you are ready to switch to the commercial edition for more enhanced features, head to our store and purchase the edition to enjoy your 7% off.

        Do you offer full refund if I would cancel my license for unutilized period?

        We do not offer any refund once the license has been issued. If you exploring on MailEnable as a Windows Mail Server, we recommend to download the Mailenable Standard Free Edition to install on your Windows server.

        Do I get a price freeze guarantee for the MaileEnable license?

        As MailEnable license is being issued as perpetual owned license, any new license and support maintenance renewal is being determined base on MailEnable retail price. 

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