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Why Choose cPanel as Your Hosting Control Panel

cPanel & WHM is a suite of tools built for Linux operating systems that gives you the ability to automate web hosting tasks via a simple interface. It removes the complexity of creating advanced server configurations and comes equipped with automatic updates, built-in backups, and all the tools you’ll need to get up and running.

cPanel is your website’s automation solution, and allows you to do tasks such as edit files, create email addresses, and
setup databases.

The cPanel accounts themselves are managed by WHM which is the web host manager. WHM is ideal if you are running your own server (whether a dedicated server or VPS) or when you want to resell web hosting services.


Build custom packages for your hosting business and easily scale up or down depending on what you need month-to-month. cPanel lets you set the pace and only pay for what you use.


Understand what’s going on across your server environment with our advanced monitoring tools. Track resources and find potential issues before they become a problem.


Gear up your machines for top-level security, including encrypted messaging and multi-factor authentication. Deploy SSL certificates quickly and manage IPs by user or by region.


Engineer your customer’s experience to match your company style with cPanel dashboards tailored to your brand. Mix and match addons and assemble a custom package to offer them.


Handle routine server tasks and put maintenance on cruise control. cPanel APIs automate installations, integrate billing, and administer your customer licenses.

Hosting Server Management

cPanel puts you in the driver’s seat with hundreds of built-in features, including database management, supported migrations, dedicated email servers, and comprehensive DNS tools.

cPanel Works Best for who?

cPanel is more than just a control panel for web hosting; different vertical of business can use cPanel to empower their web presence.

Developers & IT

cPanel extensive API integration and documentation allows you to easily connect to your environment for complete integration.

Small to Medium Business

The user friendliness of cPanel control panel helps small business owners to manage their web presence with few mouse clicks.

Hosting Service Providers

Hosting service provider can leverage on cPanel as a complete solution to their customer as shared hosting, Cloud VPS and dedicated server.

Digital Agencies

With cPanel as the platform control panel, extend WordPress Toolkit and SEO to further increase the stickiness of customer retention.

Cheapest cPanel License

The cheapest cPanel license to help you to maximize your monthly license savings.

cPanel Addons & Plugins

Extend your cPanel installation with the addons and extensions fully built and compatible to further enhance your management of your cPanel server.


Always on, always secure. KernelCare automatically installs all the necessary security updates to run kernels - no need to reboot your cPanel Linux servers.


Providing complete protection against attacks, Imunify360 delivers sophisticated detection and display of security threats, powered by a self-learning firewall with herd immunity.

Acronis Backup

Easily configure and backup all your cPanel websites, emails and database to Acronis Cyber Protection Cloud with seamless restoration process by files / folders level.

Cheapest cPanel License

100% Original cPanel License | Instant License Provisioning | No Contract Commitment.

cPanel Admin Cloud
  •         5 cPanel Accounts
  •         For Cloud VPS Only
cPanel Pro Cloud
  •         30 cPanel Accounts
  •         For Cloud VPS Only
cPanel Premier Cloud
  •         100 cPanel Accounts
  •         For Cloud VPS Only
cPanel Premier Metal
  •         100 cPanel Accounts
  •         For Cloud VPS, Metal Server

100% Guarantee Original cPanel License Key

You can be sure the cPanel subscription  you receive will be an official activation from cPanel license server. It will not be any crack key or shared cPanel license key nor you need to run any encrypted script on your cPanel installation server for the activation. We don't ask for your server login for your cPanel license activation.

Switch Your cPanel License To Us In 3 Easy Steps

Are you paying a higher cost of your cPanel license ? No matter you are hosting your cPanel server at any platform, the cPanel subscription issued from our store will work in all environment - this includes if you are managing your websites at HypeScaler providers like GoogleCloud (BYOL)Amazon, DigitalOcean, Alibaba, Linode, Vultr and other hosting providers, as well as your own hardware in either on premise or at data center running as dedicated server or VPS. 

Step 1

Identify your existing license type at your installation. Issue an official termination with your existing cPanel license providers.*

Step 2

Choose the right matching of cPanel edition from our store. Signup and complete the checkout with payment. 

Step 3

Activate your cPanel server with the standard activation command by cPanel. 

* Existing license has to be terminated as cPanel licensing server only allow 1 single license per IP. Our automation will fail if the existing license IP is not official terminated. Be sure to schedule the arrangement with your existing provider and have their confirmation the cancellation will be immediate.

** Reach out to us or speak to us via live chat for any questions you may have for your license changes.

What our customers say ....

What really matter to us is the commitments we have in ensuring the services and license are delivered promptly to our customers with the best savings.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are you offering a better cPanel price compare to the retail? Is this original?

Yes. We guaranteed the license issued is genuine and you will get the original product subscription upon your order is issued. 

Can I change my cPanel license IP after I have get the license key?

Yep, you can make changes by updating your IP to the new IP if you are planning on the migration of your cPanel to a new server. As soon as the IP changes are reflected, your old server / IP address will no longer be licensed accordingly. What's needed is you will need to reactivate the license on your cPanel server with the command /usr/local/cpanel/cpkeyclt.

What are the differences between the cPanel edition?

cPanel licensing is categorized to 2 platform environment - Cloud VPS and Dedicated Server. 

For Cloud VPS, the available editions are cPanel Admin, Pro and Premier while for Dedicated Server, the starting point will be the Premier Metal. 

Each of this edition difference by the number of cPanel accounts you can created on your server.

What are the differences between the cPanel VPS / Cloud VM and Premier Metal license?

Quick answer as below:

  • VPS licenses (or also: Virtual Private Server licenses) can be used only on virtual instances based on hypervisor technology such as Virtuozzo, Xen, KVM, Hyper-V, or VMware.
  • Dedicated server cPanel  licenses can be installed on either a dedicated server or on a VPS (Virtual Private Server).

What are the billing cycle that I need to commit to enjoy the discount?

While we wanted to support the usage of yearly to get you better savings, the only billing cycle supported for cPanel is on monthly only for now.

I am not ready to buy the paid license, is there a free trial license?

You can sign up for the 15 days trial from cPanel official website. When you are ready to go live, just come back to us to get your official license to enjoy the savings!

Do you offer full refund if I would cancel my license for unutilized period?

We do not offer any refund once the license has been issued. If you exploring on cPanel license, we recommend signing up the 15 days free trial to try out before you buy the actual license.

Do I get a price freeze guarantee for the cPanel license?

Your cPanel license subscription is not guaranteed a price freeze or lock down for any billing cycle you have signed up. The subscription price will be adjusted accordingly to cPanel global pricing adjustment.

How do I get technical support if I have issue with cPanel installation?

Reach out to us by raising a support ticket in our portal and our team will have the investigation carry out for you. If further escalation is needed, we will raise a support ticket to cPanel support team Level 2 for their further technical advise.

cPanel Alternative Control Panel

Looking for an alternate hosting control panel other than cPanel?


Plesk is a user-friendly hosting control panel for managing websites and servers, offering automation, multi-language support, robust security, and extensions for additional functionalities.


Webuzo is a single-user control panel that provides a seamless and straightforward way to manage your personal web applications. It’s perfect for anyone looking to deploy a wide range of apps on their server with just a click.


ISPmanager is a flexible web hosting control panel that combines ease of use with a comprehensive set of features. It caters to both personal and business needs, providing a powerful tool for managing websites, emails, and databases.

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