cPGuard - Your Linux Hosting Server Security Protection

Securing your Linux server is paramount. cPGuard's security solutions are designed to fortify your server against a variety of threats. With advanced malware protection and real-time IP blocking, you can protect your server from malicious attacks.

CPGuard Linux Security Server Protection cPanel Plesk

Effortless Security: Affordable, Simple & Strong with CPGuard

Protect your Linux server seamlessly with cPGuard's advanced solutions, ensuring robust defense without breaking the bank.

Find Malwares, Protect Your CMS

Fast, powerful antivirus with auto cleanup of malicious injections & WordPress or other CMS core files.

Block hacks, brute force & bots

Advanced WAF & real-time abusive IP blacklist to block intruders. Load reduction with offsite bot captcha.

Easy management & optimization

A centralized UI to manage all your servers, view reports & configure various modules and features.

IPDB Abusive IP Blacklist

A real-time list of IP addresses that have been flagged for engaging in malicious or harmful activity like Web attacks, Brute-force, Spamming, DDoS attacks, Port scanning, Malware distribution etc.

Realtime, Collective Intelligence

The IP blacklist leverages the strength of attack data from servers, input from cPGuard partners and 3rd parties. cPGuard algorithms dynamically generate a real-time list of abusive IPs, scoring them based on various parameters and refining them to prevent false positives. This ensures a smooth experience for legitimate users while actively mitigating potential risks from malicious actors.

Drastically Reduce Server Load

The list acts as a pre-emptive scanner, instantly recognizing known bots, attackers & troublemakers and dropping connection with ipset/iptables at a system level, way before it reaches the web server. This proactive approach helps prevent unauthorized access attempts, DoS attacks, and other malicious activities that could otherwise place a significant burden on server resources.

Centralize Dashboard for Easy Management

Manage all your servers from a single interface, easily switch between servers, view server details, reports, events, change settings & do bulk actions. Easily add & share the server with other users. A suite of solutions aimed at monitoring the server's reputation, protecting against hidden threats, and optimizing the security & firewall settings on the server.

Domain reputation
IP Reputation
Process Monitoring
CSF firewall
CPGuard Linux Web Server Security Protection WAf Malware

Domain Reputation checks involve assessing the safety of each domain by cross-referencing it against Google Safe Browsing. Be notified at the earliest of malicious or compromised domains hosted on the server, thereby letting you take immediate action and prevent the reputation or SEO ranking of other domains or your shared hosting server from going down.

Domain Reputation Monitoring

Automatic RBL monitoring checks the server IPs against the real-time DNS-based blacklists (DNSBL) and notifies the admin of blacklisted IP addresses. Being listed on a mail blacklist often results in emails sent from the affected IP being marked as spam or rejected by email servers. This can significantly impact the deliverability of legitimate emails.

IP Reputation Monitoring

Suspicious process checks add an extra layer of defense to your security posture by identifying and terminating hidden processes, mining processes, bots, spamming scripts and other sophisticated threats that traditional methods might miss. Rootkits camouflage themselves deeply within your system, often bypassing traditional antivirus detections. Rootkit checks delve deeper, revealing these hidden malicious actors, including hidden processes, files, and network connections.

Linux Suspicious Process and Rootkit Monitoring

Streamline the configuration process by presenting users with an intuitive UI that prioritizes user-friendliness and efficiency, allowing you to quickly and accurately set up critical CSF settings without the need for extensive technical knowledge.

Linux CSF Firewall Integration

Buy cPGuard With 20% Discount

The cheapest cPGuard license you can get with savings up to 20% off retail pricing. Keep your Linux cPanel & Plesk hosting servers safe with cPGuard.

Quick and Painless setup cPGuard to Protect Your cPanel, Plesk & DirectAdmin & Webuzo Server Control Panel

cPGuard is for you if you are a hosting company providing VPS or shared hosting servers or a small business owning a server/VPS with or without a control panel. You can deploy cPGuard in minutes through automated scripts, seamlessly integrating with popular platforms like cPanel, Plesk, and DirectAdmin, Enhance, Runcloud etc. Lite UI is available on cPanel, DirectAdmin, Webuzo and Interworx.

CPGuard cPanel Protection
CPGuard Plesk Protection
CPGuard DirectAdmin Protection
CPGuard Webmin Protection
CPGuard RunCloud Protection
CPGuard InterWorx Protection

Best in Class Scanner with Lowest Resource Usage

Background services demand fewer resources and run on the smallest of servers without affecting performance or slowing down the server.

Virus Scanner
Malware clean up
Custom scan
highly configurable
Full Stack Linux Server Security

Utilizes intelligent code processing algorithms for efficient detection of viruses, malware, spyware, redirects and symlinks

CPGuard Malware Scanner Virus Scanner

Prevent website from going down by automatically cleaning virus injections* from infected files, WordPress, Joomla, Opencart and other CMS core files.

Malware Auto Clean WordPress CMS

Ensure no file was skipped by automatically rechecking files modified in the last 24 hours/week or running manual scans.

CPGuard Manual Scan

Easily customise the scanner with the UI or our advanced CLI. Add additional watch directories, whitelisting users & files and add user-defined database and more

WordPress Costomizable Scan

Effortless Security: Affordable, Simple & Strong with CPGuard

Protect your Linux server seamlessly with cPGuard's advanced solutions, ensuring robust defense without breaking the bank.

Optimized ModSecurity Rules

Rules for SQL injection, Cross-site scripting (XSS), local and remote file inclusion (RFI), file upload vulnerabilities, zero-day attack, web shell etc.

CMS Vulnerability Patches and Fixes

Protect your WordPress, Joomla, Opencart etc from attacks exploiting the latest vulnerabilities in plugins & themes, XML-RPC attacks and other threats.

Generic Apache & PHP Rules

Advanced filtering, security and intrusion protection for PHP sites and applications prevents attackers from exploiting insecure code on shared hosting servers.

Realtime Intrusion Protection

All rules act as a shield, actively seeking out and blocking threats before they reach your website, minimizing the risk of damage or compromise

cPGuard: Simple Licensing To Protect Your Linux Server

cPGuard offers better and faster protection to your web apps at a lower cost per month than the competition.


Feature Comparison

30 Days Trial
$0/1st mo
  •         Try cPGUard 30 Days For Free
  •         Unlimited Users
  •         Unlimited Updates
  •         Unlimited Support
Basic Full Edition
$5/mocPGuard Retail : $6/mo
  •         For Small Server Less Account
  •         50 Users
  •         Unlimited Updates
  •         Unlimited Support
Standard Full Edition
$9/mocPGuard Retail : $11/mo
  •         Protect All Users On 1 Server
  •         Unlimited Users
  •         Unlimited Updates
  •         Unlimited Support
cPGuard Lite Version
$4.5/moBasic entry protection for your website security
  •         Real-time Malware Detection
  •         Automatic File Clean Up
  •         Custom File Action for Detected Files
  •         Customized Manual Scans
  •         IPDB Distributed Firewall
  •         IP Reputation Monitoring
  •         Support All Major Control Panel
  •         Full Command Line Interface
cPGuard Full Version
$5/moComplete full protection for your Linux web server
  •         Everything in Lite Edition
  •         CMS Threats and Vulnerabilities
  •         Automated event correlation
  •         Commercial Modsec WAF Rules
  •         Suspicious Process Monitoring
  •         Captcha Protected Login Pages
  •         Bot Attack Protection
  •         Domain Reputation Monitoring
  •         Cron Job Monitoring
  •         Centralized Servers Management
  •         Bulk Actions Across Servers

Frequently Asked Questions

How does cPGuard licenses being differentiated ?

cPGuard is licensed base on the number of users or client accounts hosted on your server/VPS. Example on cPanel/WHM servers, if you are hosting 5 accounts, you will need to go for the cPGuard 50 users license. This includes both active and suspended accounts. 

cPGuard is also available to purchase during the checkout for both cPanel, Plesk and Webuzo license. You do not need to buy it separately over here.

What are the billing cycle you support?

Monthly and annually. Annual subscription gives you 20% savings off the retail.

Do you offer any free trial for CPGuard license?

Yep, the 30 days trial license is available to sign up from the above pricing table. When you are ready to go live, just pick either the Basic or Standard license to get a license key for the reactivation. No reinstallation is required. One single IP is entitled to use the trial activation for just one time.

Do you offer full refund if I would cancel my license for unutilized period?

No refund for order upon the license is issued. If you exploring on how cPGuard will benefits your server environment, got with the 30 days free trial to test out cPGuard as a Linux Security protection for your server.

Is my license automatically Renewed and charged?

This is a recurring subscription service. Your credit card or PayPal will be automatically charged as the invoice is due by our automation system according to your billing cycle (monthly/yearly). This is to ensure you can operate your cPGuard license without any interruption. If you wish to cancel the license, please do login to the client portal and issue a cancellation request before the service due date to avoid any charges being made.

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