Safely Backup Your cPanel & Plesk Website, Emails & Database.

Data loss, server crash & websites hacked happens every day. Do you have an existing recovery solution in place to immediately restore your services for business continuity? 

Powered by Acronis Cyber Cloud Protect, you can now backup both your cPanel & Plesk server to Acronis Cloud for disaster recovery purposes.

The best thing, no special technical skill set is required.

Backup Your cPanel & Plesk Server by Acronis Backup

Do I Really Need To Have a Backup of My Data?

There're average 37,000 websites got hacked daily, having the right backup in place ensure you have the proper restoration point to recover your important data back in place to ensure business continuity. With your data being backup regularly, you can easily restore files back to your server for situation such as accidental files deletion or upgrade / changes which would have crash you data. In the event of your infrastructure hardware crash or hosting service provider outage, your data is kept on the Cloud that allows you to recover the service to an alternate service provider to resume your business activity. 

Pause a moment and think : What would the situation be for you when any of the above happens to your / client's websites or data without having the right backup in place?

Acronis Cyber Protect Backup vs Default cPanel & Plesk Backup

Why do I need Acronis Cyber Protect Backup while I can use the default built in backup by cPanel & Plesk?

Daily vs Flexible Backup Schedule

Default cPanel & Plesk built in backup have a fixed schedule on daily. With Acronis Cloud Backup, you can setup flexible schedule by hourly, daily, weekly and monthly and restore by files level (which the default cPanel & Plesk backup cannot achieve). You can download the backup by files down to your workstation that cannot be achieve by the default backup.

Disk Usage & Disaster Recovery

Default backup on cPanel & Plesk stores on your server partition that take up additional disk space and it affects your services when it fill up your disk space. Shift your backup to Acronis Cloud Backup to free up the disk space. You will have access to the backup via Acronis Cloud Portal even when your server hardware is crash.

Increase Your ARPU

Offering multi-tenant shared hosting for your clients? You can now create premium subscription plan that allow your clients to have access to this backup from their subscription and manage their restoration by their own. Reduce your helpdesk support ticket for backup restoration and increase customer support satisfaction.

Acronis Cyber Protec Backup - The Complete Backup Solution For Your Website, Emails, Databases and Servers

Easy Installation & Activation

Installation of the Acronis backup agent can be done within minutes with easy activation. No special technical skill set is required and your data will start backup within minutes

Resource Optimization

Free up your infra disk usage by having your backup kept in the Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud. Avoid total loss of your data & backup when your server hardware crash.

Backup To The Cloud

Having your backup store on the cloud allow you to easily restore and access whenever and where ever you are.

Incremental Backup Process

With Acronis incremental backup, it helps reduce the resource demand on the server and saving backup storage space as only changes that happens since last backup are made for each cycle.

Easy Restoration and Recovery

Pick the restoration points that's available and restore your data by files level back to your server or to alternate location at your own preference. You can also download to your local workstation.

Flexible Backup Schedule

Configure hourly, daily, weekly or monthly backup schedule at your preference. Hourly incremental backup is recommended and allow you to have updated latest changes of your data for restoration point.

For Hosting / Iaas Service Providers

Offer Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud for your dedicated server, VPS and Cloud hosting clients to have their service backup to Acronis Cloud. Ensure they have the proper backup in place for recovery usage and increase your revenue and their stickiness with your services. 

You will be able to create a separate user for your customer to login to manage their own backup.

The lowest tier starts with 10 servers with 1TB cloud disk space from just $100/mo with easy upgrade to the next tier without any interruption to your existing subscription.

Uptime Monitoring for Iaas & Hosting Provider
Web Design Agency

For Web-Agencies / Individual Website Owners

Developing and managing a website is a tedious task and you want to ensure your work is well protected for any emergency recovery purposes. Automate the backup task to Acronis Cyber Protect Backup will free up from the additional manual work you need to take care to back up. 

As web agencies developing website for your clients, you can have their websites backup to Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud for safe keeping. This include backing up their emails and databases that's being managed with cPanel & Plesk control panel. 

Receive notifications in the event of backup failure cause by server load or service restart to stay up-to-date of your backup schedule.

Overview of Acronis Cyber Protect Backup Portal

Acronis WHM cPanel Plugin
Acronis Backup Restoration Location

Acronis Dashboard (same for Plesk) giving you an overview of your latest backup status.

Access to the recovery point and choose the type of restoration at your preferences.

Acronis Backup & Restoration Files
Acronis Backup Schedule

Files Restoration panel that allow you to restore specific or group of files to the same location or different location on your server. You can also download it locally to your workstation for changes and reupload via FTP.

Pick and choose the restoration point you need to recover your files.

Automate Your Backup Schedule & Protect Your Web Assets 

Disaster Happens. When it does, you will be able to restore your data with the decision you made today - by having a good backup copy of your data.

Your First 30 Days with Acronis Backup 100 is ON us. Give it a try, risk free.*

Start Backing Up Your Important Data Today. Choose Your Backup Restoration Plan Below.
Single Server
Single Server
  • Single Server
  • Multi-Servers
Free Trial
Acronis Backup 100
$9/moRetail : $14.00/mo
  •        100GB Backup Storage
  •        1 cPanel OR Plesk Server

Acronis Backup Partner 1000
  •        1000GB Backup Storage
  •        10 cPanel OR Plesk Server
Acronis Backup 250
$11/moRetail : $23/mo
  •         250GB Backup Storage
  •         1 cPanel OR Plesk Server

Acronis Backup Partner 1500
  •         1500GB Backup Storage
  •         15 cPanel OR Plesk Server
Acronis Backup 500
$19/moRetail : $38/mo
  •         500GB Backup Storage
  •         1 cPanel OR Plesk Server

Acronis Backup Partner 2000
  •         2000GB Backup Storage
  •         20 cPanel OR Plesk Server
Acronis Backup 1000
$36/moRetail : $68/mo
  •         1000GB Backup Storage
  •         1 cPanel OR Plesk Server

Acronis Backup Partner 2500
  •         2500GB Backup Storage
  •         25 cPanel OR Plesk Server

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I selectively choose which websites to backup and skip?

Acronis Cyber Protect Backup is a complete server backup solution. It will backup all your cPanel & Plesk accounts including the entire Operating System files to the cloud storage location. You will not be able to skip which accounts to backup or skip.

If you run a multi-tenant shared hosting services, you can create packages / plans and upsell your clients to have them to access to their own accounts backup and do restoration. Alternatively, you can bill your customers per restoration service as you will have the capability to restore per files level right now.

 What's the system requirement? Can I use this service to backup non-cPanel or non-Plesk server?

The plans only runs on cPanel and Plesk based servers. Reach out to us via chat if you are looking to backup your servers which are non-cPanel or Plesk-based servers for a customize packages.

For extension for Plesk & cPanel, currently it only support on Linux based environment.

What are the billing cycle you support?

Monthly and annually. Going with Annually gives you additional discount of 10%.

We recommend going with annual billing for Acronis backup as to ensure your backup availability without any interruption. Overdue of subscription renewal will result in your existing backup recovery point be remove and you will have to reinitiate a new backup schedule.

*Do you offer any free trial for Acronis Cyber Protect Backup for cPanel / Plesk?

Yes! Your first 30 days is on us for the 100GB. Sign up using the link above on the Acronis Backup 100 Single Server plan and you will have a full access to the complete backup features. You will receive the invoice from our system on your second month renewal 14 days before it is due. 

If you are satisfy with the backup solution, make the renewal before the due to ensure your existing backup is kept. Reach out to us via chat if you want to switch to yearly billing for additional savings and you won't worry about the backup drop off due to your busy schedule on doing the monthly renewal.

Do you offer full refund if I would cancel my subscription for unutilized period?

For annually subscription yes - we will calculate the unutilized months of your subscription and make the refund accordingly. 

For monthly subscription billing cycle, there will be no refund available upon the service is renewed. You may however request a cancellation request so that your next monthly billing cycle will not be billed.

Upon the service cancellation, your existing backup in Acronis backup will be remove immediately. You will have to work on separate backup plan to ensure your data is kept for your emergency recovery purpose.

Is my backup subscription automatically renewed and charged?

Your credit card or PayPal will be automatically charged as the invoice is due by our automation system. This is to ensure the backup on your data will stay without any interruption. If you wish to cancel the services, please do login to the client portal and issue a cancellation request before the service due date to avoid any charges being made.