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BitNinja Server Security License

BitNinja Server Security - The most powerful security suite for linux web servers to achieve system stability and reduce server load

BitNinja is an easy-to-use server security tool, which is ideal especially for webhosting companies, digital agencies and data centres. The whole BitNinja story started with a webhosting company, after facing a lot of sleepless nights and angry, hacked customers. They created their own solution and the software worked so well that they decided to make the Internet a safer place and help more people with the finest technologies in one simply manageable package. 

BitNinja is an agent which sits on your own infrastructure. This way you avoid buying hardware for lots of money. Furthermore, by using BitNinja your sensitive data doesn’t leave your system because there is no domain redirection; there is no limitation on the number of servers or on the traffic. Additionally, BitNinja has an extremely low memory footprint.

Easy to Use & Affordable Price

You don’t have to be an IT expert to use our software. With the one-line code the installation couldn’t be easier. After the one line, there is no need for any kind of update or maintenance, so you can save time and money. BitNinja offers server-based pricing, which means the amount depends only the number of servers. It doesn’t matter the type of servers or the number of domain names.

All-In-One Security Tool

BitNinja combines the most powerful security techniques from DoS prevention to WAF with its 7 modules. They provide full-stack protection against automated attacks such as XSS, DDoS, malware infections, scans, script injections, enumeration, brute force, etc. on all major protocols, like FTP, SMTP etc., not only HTTP. Furthermore, our worldwide honeypot system helps to protect against 0-day vulnerabilities.

40+ Full Compatibilities 

 BitNinja is compatible with all the major webhosting software and virtual solutions, such as cPanel, Plesk, Apache, Nginx etc. What’s more is that you can install BitNinja on both dedicated and virtual servers, supporting every major virtualization technology just like: virtuozzo, openvz, kvm, xen and vmware.

The Complete Full Stack Server Security Protection For Your Server

BitNinja is an all in one server security tool mixing the most powerful defense techniques. It is super-easy to install, requires virtually no maintenance. It is able to protect against 99% of automated attacks - like XSS, DDoS, malware, scans, script injection, CMS hacks, enumeration, brute force, etc. Servers protected by BitNinja learn from each attack and inform each other about malicious IPs. This result is a global defense network that counteracts botnet attacks with a shield of protection for all servers running BitNinja, while also reducing the number of false positives each server encounters

BitNinja in Numbers

BitNinja is a multi-layered security system to block cyberattacks at any threat level automatically and make the troubleshooting of all security incidents easier via a self-service console


More than 1100 Web hosting companies that has trusted and install BitNinja on their server to protect the share hosting servers.


More than 25000 servers have BitNinja deployed to secure and protect their servers and reduce server loads.


BitNinja defends and protect more than 10 million attacks daily with its crowdsourcing method.

Buy BitNinja Server Security License With 52% Discount

The cheapest BitNinja Server Security license you can get at the price of $19/mo for Unlimited Users Protection for your server.

BitNinja Supported Operating System & Control Panel

BitNinja fully compatible on famous Centos, Redhat & Ubuntu Operating System and Web Management Control Panel. It also works without any control panel integration.

cPanel Imunify360 Pricing
Plesk Imunify360 Pricing

BitNinja Complete Defense Modules For Your Server


Realtime IP Reputation

The revolutionary power of BitNinja is their database containing information on 70,000,000 IP addresses worldwide. Every server protected by BitNinja receives the latest updates on which IPs are safe and which are malicious. With each new server added, the defense shield grows stronger. If an attack occurs on a server protected by BitNinja and the IP gets blocked, it will be not only blocked on that server but on every BitNinja protected server worldwide. This breakthrough technology is a BitNinja exclusive feature called a Defense Network. 

Bitninja HoneyPot Network Attack


You can stop your server being scanned by malicious IPs and block hackers by creating an automatic decoy. BitNinja Honeypots trap suspicious connections, so cybercriminals won’t be able to access the valid services on your servers, only the fake ones which are setup to trap them. 

The BitNinja Web Honeypot can turn the backdoors used by hackers to access your server through PHP web applications into traps that block them from using the resources on your server. When Command&Control (C&C) servers – that direct botnet attacks – try to access the backdoors on your server, BitNinja will identify and block them.

DOS Protection

BitNinja continuously monitors the number of connections on your server. If too many concurrent connections are detected, BitNinja will automatically add the IP address to the blacklist for 60 seconds to make sure that all the connections are blocked from the attacker IP. 

After that, the IP address will be placed in the greylist, so valid users can delist the IP if it is a genuine login. BitNinja DoS Detection also works in conjunction with our AntiFlood module. When there are recurring DoS attempts, the IP will be blacklisted for a longer period of time. 

The default threshold (80 active connections at the same time) guarantees a low false positive rate and also effectively blocks DoS attacks. This threshold can be configured on each port, and for inbound and outbound connections as well. 

The BitNinja CAPTCHA page is also protected against DoS attacks and requires minimal resources for running the CAPTCHA service.

Bitninja Firewall DDOS Protection
BitNinja Web Application Firewall

The Power of the WAF 2.0

Shared hosting companies have special needs when it comes to server security. With hundreds or thousands of domains hosted on a single server, it can be hard to filter out malicious requests while allowing genuine visitors to connect to your hosted sites. 

The most effective way to block website cyberattacks is at the application layer using a Web Application Firewall (WAF). The BitNinja WAF 2.0 operates between visitors’ web browsers and your web server. It’s a very fast reverse proxy which filters all incoming web requests, automatically rejecting any attacks. 

The BitNinja WAF 2.0 makes it easy to manage all your firewall settings from one location, and you can also configure the filter level by domain. By using domain-based patterns you can change the strictness level by domain or by URL, blocking malicious traffic and allowing genuine traffic to reach each hosted site. This unique feature is only available with BitNinja and makes life a lot easier when managing shared servers.

Malware Detection

Backdoors are typically installed as malware and provide access to the server, so the attacker can use the server’s resources. It’s essential to block and remove the infected malware file as soon as possible to prevent the hacker from creating other backdoors in the system. 

Hackers’ techniques are constantly evolving, and they have been deploying malware which is obfuscated as normal system files. Traditional malware detecting methods are ineffective against these new threats. That’s why we invented a new resource-friendly approach which can detect any obfuscated malware upload attempt while providing a very low false positive rate. The unique technology behind our Malware Detection module is patent pending. 

The BitNinja Malware Detection module detects infected files and goes a step further, placing them in quarantine to prevent any further damage to your server.

Bitninja Malware Protection

Cheapest BitNinja Server Security License

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does BitNinja license from your store differentiated from the officil retail?

As the official BitNinja Reseller, we only offer the Unlimited Users license that's you will be billed at $19/mo compare to the different tier of licenses being offered at BitNinja retail store.

What are the billing cycle you support?

Monthly and annually. Going with Annually gives you the max discount you can enjoy which is up to 52% off Bitninja retail pricing.

Do you offer any free trial for BitNinja license?

To make the deployment easy for you, each BitNinja subscription you have signed up include a 6 days refund period. You can install and use BitNinja with full functionality and request for a refund within 6 days of your order if BitNinja does not work out for you.

Do you offer full refund if I would cancel my license for unutilized period?

For annually subscription yes - we will calculate the unutilized months of your subscription and make the refund accordingly. 

For monthly, you can submit a full refund within the first 6 days from the date of order.

Is my license automatically Renewed and charged?

Your credit card or PayPal will be automatically charged as the invoice is due by our automation system. This is to ensure you can operate your BitNinja license without any interruption. If you wish to cancel the license, please do login to the client portal and issue a cancellation request before the service due date to avoid any charges being made.