Sharing your knowledge does not limit just to book publishing. Now you can get to share your knowledge and skill with a simple article contribution on our website.

Articles that we accept

  • Web Hosting Related Articles, example:
    • Control Panel.
    • Domains related.
    • How-to in managing your websites.
    • How-to get certain tools installed on your VPS/server or Cloud subscription.
    • CMS – WordPress, Joomla, and other open-source software.
  • Web Security & Optimization, example:
    • How to protect your websites from intrusion/hacks.
    • How to maintain your website speed loading.
  • Ecommerce, Marketing & Conversion Optimization, example:
    • How to improve your website/e-commerce store SEO
    • How to improve, track conversion on your websites.

Submissions and Guidelines

  • A minimum of 2000 words for your post articles with a featured image of 1200×628 size.
  • Your article must be 100% original content and must not be published before.
  • Please submit only one article in HTML format to editor @ at any point in time.
  • Your article will be verified from a plagiarism checker as proof that you did not plagiarize.
  • You won’t be getting paid for any article that gets approved by our editor and published on our website.
  • We reserved the rights to remove all links that contain an affiliate link in your article or we deemed it may have a link to our competitor’s product pages.
  • The author’s name, which links directly to your profile page, will be displayed alongside the article if it is selected.