What is recommended Plesk Extension I should enable for my Plesk Server?

Plesk extensions further extend your imagination on how you can better setup and manage your Plesk server.

If you run and manage websites for your customer (ie web agency, hosters..etc), this Plesk extensions will value-add your existing services to your customers and indirectly increase your revenue. Importantly, it also allow you to differentiate yourself with other providers on your same market with the right messaging and positioning.

There are more than 100+ of Plesk extensions available on Plesk catalogue and we do support this extensions purchase at our web store. Owing to this amount of extensions listing, the layout of our store are completely different from Plesk official store, so if you do need any extensions that is not listed on our store, reach out to us and we will get you setup for that.

Remember: You make an additional 10% savings off Plesk retail for all Plesk extensions when you license it from our store

How to Purchase Plesk Extensions

There are 3 ways you can activate the Plesk extensions for your Plesk license server:

  1. Choose the addon during your Plesk license purchase at the store checkout. This is the most easiest way and you get the Plesk extensions ready as your Plesk license key is issued.
  2. If you decide to activate the addons after your Plesk license subscription, login to your client area portal. At the top of the menu "Services", click on "View Available Addons" and you will get the full list of extensions available for you Plesk license.
  3. Reach out to us via our contact form or live chat for any extensions that is not available.

We have some special Plesk extensions bundles that is being offered at a lower price compare to buying it separately. Take a look on the Plesk Bundle Special Packs.

Below we will list down some of the recommended Plesk extensions to enable on your Plesk server that most Plesk customers has picked up. If it is important for others, it will be something for you to seriously consider it.

Security Extensions

  • ImunifyAV+

    • Give your customers complete, automated security to combat viruses, adware, spyware, trojans, and worms.
    • Reduce support calls from customers blaming you that the website got hacked.
    • Recognize dangerous behaviors in real-time and immediate clean up once detected and offer it as an extra on top of your services to your customers.
    • This extension is available with Free and Commercial edition. We recommend going with the Commercial edition. Check out the full comparison here.
    • The commercial version enables one-click automatic cleanup, scheduled websites check, admin and users notifications on malware detection as well as enables user permissions management and introduces User tab with a summary and scanning results.
    • Available only for Plesk Linux server.
    • Monthly cost $4.40/mo (Plesk retail $4.90/mo)
  • Plesk Email Security Pro

    • While Plesk have a default antispam option built into the mail server, with the sophisticated of the spamming technique, Plesk Email Security Pro will offer you the complete email filtering on your mail server to protect all your mailboxes hosted on the Plesk server.
    • Available in both the Free and Commercial edition, the commercial edition offers an extra functionality of:
      • Anti-virus scanning of emails and quarantine management.
      • Daily updates of the anti-virus & antispam database
      • Automatic learning of spam and ham messages via actions in the email client (mark as spam/not spam)
      • Detailed statistics overview of the email traffic (ham, spam, viruses)
      • DNS blacklist management
    • Available only for Plesk Linux server.
    • Monthly cost $8/mo per server (Plesk retail $9/mo)

Backup Extensions

  • Backup to Cloud Pro

    • Allow you to schedule backup for your Plesk data off to cloud storage provider such as Amazon S3, Google Drive, DropBox, DigitalOcean Spaces, Microsoft OneDrive, a perfect choice for Hosting companies and Web Professionals.
    • Backing up your off server from your Plesk is a good idea for disaster recovery. Imagine if your server is hacked or crashed, all your local store backup copy will be wipe off together. What would be the impact to your businesses?
    • You will need to sign up separate Cloud Storage with any of the providers at your own cost. This extensions only provide the integration to schedule and connect and store the backup on any of the storage provider above.
    • Monthly cost $3.60/mo (Plesk retail $4/mo)
  • Acronis Backup Cloud (Per Server) 100GB Storage

    • Don't like the idea of running a separate storage sign up by your using "Backup to Cloud Pro" ? Then Acronis Backup Cloud will fit your requirement as it comes together with the storage for you.
    • This extension allow you to store your Plesk backup on the Acronis Cloud - it provides the integration PLUS the storage for you to store your backup over the cloud.
    • If you manage the Plesk as a Hoster, this extension allow you to simply enable or disable the self-service recovery feature in service plans or for individual customer subscriptions. You can create a premium service for all customers, or enable Acronis Backup for customers who opt-in for a premium subscription. An additional revenue stream for your business.
    • Monthly cost $12.60/mo for 100GB storage (Plesk retail $14/mo). Available storage is 250GB/500GB and 1TB with different pricing tier.

On either of the options, it is always recommended to host your backup off the same server as where you run your websites. It helps to reduce the risk of server crash and losing all your data and also allow you to fully maximize your server disk storage to host your client's data.

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