How is Imunify360 being licensed and what is the pricing?

Imunify360 is licensed base on the number of users to be protected on your servers. It integrates well with cPanel, Plesk, DirectAdmin control panel and it can be managed independently without any control panel.

It is limited by users and not by domains or subdomains/addon domains/domain alias.

Example on a Plesk Web Pro installation servers that allow 30 domains hosted. A couple of scenarios as an example:

Example 1 - You create a single Plesk subscriber and allocate 10 domain quotas for the user (with unlimited subdomains and domain alias). This is counted as 1 user quota in the Imunify360 license.

Example 2 - You create 5 user subscribers with each allocates 2 domain quotas for each user. This is counted as 5 users quota in the Imunify360 license.

If you run on a Plesk Web Host edition, Imunify360 is activated back on the sequence of users being created in your server. You will not be able to selectively configure which used to protect or not. For example on a Plesk Web Host server with an Imunify360 30 users license, the first 30 subscribers (users) you create in your Plesk server will be automatically protected. The 31st and above will not be protected or scan with any malware.

Here's an overview of the Imunify360 license pricing - discounted up to 55% off retail offered in our store.

Imunify360 License Price Discounted Pricing Retail Price
Imunify360 Single User $7.50/mo $12/mo
Imunify360 30 Users $11.50/mo $25/mo
Imunify360 250 Users $15.50/mo $35/mo
Imunify360 Unlimited Users $19.50/mo $19.50/mo
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