Do I get a lock down on the pricing of subscription for longer period of billing cycle?

We do not offer a 100% guarantee of the pricing lock down for any billing contract of cycle for the Plesk license.

When you sign up for a yearly subscription for the Plesk licenses, generally it helps you to secure a better price per month in the licensing cost vs in going by monthly.

Your Plesk license is still being renewed by monthly with Plesk licensing server.

Our mission is to help you to make the best savings on your Plesk license with the lowest price.

Having said that, we will not increase or make any adjustment on your subscription price unless there's an industry wide of price adjustment announced by Plesk.

If this would happen, what would happens is we will be reaching out to you and issue you an invoice to match up the differences on the new pricing.

For illustration purposes,

You sign up for a Plesk Web Admin license and paid for yearly at $6x12 = $72

You have use this license for 6 months, and there's an industry wide price adjustment announced by Plesk.

The new selling price of the Plesk Web admin license is now $7x12 for yearly license, you have use it for 6 months since you sign up and the price adjustment will happen on the 7th month of your subscription.

To catch up the differences on the new license cost for the next 6 months, we will be issuing you a new invoice with value of $6 = ($7-$6) x 6 months for your account.

We will also adjust your next renewal pricing with the new pricing at $7x12 = $84

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