• Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Plesk announced an increase of 10% for all Plesk core base licenses (except Plesk extensions) effectively from Jan 2022 onwards.

Below is the new pricing reflecting the new pricing effective on Jan 2022.

Save 40% On your Year 2022 Plesk License

How do these changes impact your existing subscription?
For monthly subscription customers, any of your renewal subscriptions will be updated to the new pricing above starting from Jan 2022.

For yearly subscription customers, we will be issuing a new pro-rated invoice with the differences matching your remaining months of subscription to complete the 12 months life cycle. Your next yearly renewal Plesk license subscription will also be updated to reflect the new pricing x12 month.

  • Example
    • Plesk Admin Annual Pre-January 2022: $78 ($6.5/mo)
    • Plesk Admin Annual Jan 2022: $84 ($7/mo)
      • If your next annual renewal date is April 2022
        • You will receive a separate invoice with the amount of $2 to cover the prorate of the new pricing from Jan 2022 to Apr 2022.
      • If your next annual renewal date is Nov 2022
        • You will receive a separate invoice with the amount of $5.50 to cover the prorate of the new pricing from Jan 2022 to Nov 2022.

Changes to new and existing renewal annual subscription from October to Dec 2021.

On any new & renewal annual subscription between October, Nov & Dec 2021, the following amount will be added as a one-time payment on your checkout new purchase or renewal invoice.

Plesk License Prorate

The changes above will reduce your hassle of receiving any prorate invoice from us. Your next annual renewal price will be updated to the new pricing.

For existing annual renewals that will be up on October, November, and December 2021, your renewal invoice will have the above rate added as an additional line item. For annual renewal that happens after Jan 2022, our system will generate a separate prorate invoice on your unutilized months in the year 2022 (sample of calculation here).

Revoking all existing PayPal active subscriptions.

As your next recurring renewal pricing will be on the new pricing, PayPal locks down the existing automatic subscription ID at the old pricing. This will create an issue of "balance" on your renewal invoice. To avoid the confusion of payment, we will be revoking all the existing PayPal subscription ID.

You may setup a new PayPal automatic subscription on your next renewal cycle. We will start the process to revoke all the PayPal subscriptions on 15th Dec 2021

If you are renewing using your credit card (without going through PayPal) directly, there's no action needed from your end.

Why are you adjusting the yearly subscription price? Isn't that pricing has been locked down as I paid for it yearly?

For both monthly and yearly subscriptions across all our licenses, there's no price freeze guaranteed for all the billing cycle modes.

When you sign up for a yearly subscription payment, you enjoy a lower cost per month vs when you go with monthly. Your Plesk license is still being renewed every month with Plesk licensing server (automatically without any manual action needed from your end).

The lower cost per month of our Plesk license is discounted heavily base on the Plesk retail licensing price. As the base retail price has been increased by Plesk, that will impact the subscription price for both monthly and yearly as well from our store.

Do you have any specific reference on this official price adjustment from Plesk?
Please check on Plesk official retail site for the price adjustment https://www.plesk.com/pricing/ . You can see on the pricing table that Plesk has highlighted effectively from 1st Jan 2022 all pricing will be adjusted up by 10%.

New Plesk License Price 2022