• Thursday, October 1, 2020

Plesk announced a restructuring on their pricing following their official website pricing changes today. The price changes in fact also includes cPanel as well.

You can take a look on the latest pricing which will go live on 1st Jan 2021:

Plesk : https://www.plesk.com/pricing/

cPanel: https://cpanel.net/pricing/

We are currently working with Plesk to understand the price changes and we will reach out to you with the latest updates once we have finalized the changes with Plesk.

We expect to provide an update by the latest end of Oct (or earlier). The next update will include the impact (if any) for any subscriptions sign up for any billing cycle before 1st Jan 2021.

In the mean time, there's an article which we have posted with analysis on the pricing comparison between cPanel vs Plesk.

Take a look at https://cplicense.net/compare-cpanel-vs-plesk-price/

Update: 4th October 2020

We have finalized the new Plesk pricing which will goes live effectively from 1st Jan 2021 as below after confirming the changes of the Plesk price adjustment will be happening across the board of all customers including partners.

Below is an outlined on the new pricing structure. We will be adjusting a 10% increase for all the Plesk core licenses (exclude any Plesk extensions) effectively from 1st Jan 2021.

Plesk License

How does this changes impact your existing subscription?
- For monthly subscription customer, any of your renewal subscription on Jan 2021 will be adjusted to the new pricing.

- For yearly subscription customers, we will be issuing a new pro-rated invoice with the differences matching your remaining months of subscription to complete the 12 months life cycle. Your next yearly renewal Plesk license subscription will also be updated to reflect the new pricing x12 month

  • Example
    • Plesk Admin Annual Pre-January 2021 : $72 ($6/mo)
    • Plesk Admin Annual Jan 2021 : $78 ($6.50/mo)
      • If your next annual renewal date is April 2021
        • You will receive a separate invoice with amount of $2 to cover the prorate of the new pricing from Jan 2021 to Apr 2021.
      • If your next annual renewal date is Nov 2021
        • You will receive a separate invoice with amount of $5.50 to cover the prorate of the new pricing from Jan 2021 to Nov 2021.

Why are you adjusting yearly subscription price? Isn't that pricing has been locked down?
- When you sign up for yearly subscription payment, you enjoy a lower cost per month vs when you go with monthly. Your Plesk license is still being renewed every month with Plesk licensing server (automatically without any manual action needed from your end).

The lower cost per month of our Plesk license is discounted heavily base off the Plesk retail licensing price. As the base retail price has been adjusted by Plesk, that will impact the subscription price for both monthly and yearly as well from our store.

Do you have any specific reference on this official price adjustment from Plesk?
- Please check on Plesk official retail site for the price adjustment https://www.plesk.com/pricing/ . You can see on the pricing table that Plesk has highlighted effectively from 1st Jan 2021 all pricing will be adjusted up with 10%.