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What is Plesk Extensions and how does it helps your Plesk Server?

When you install Plesk, it is install with all the basic core components. That makes Plesk installation fast and allow Plesk to fix bugs and release new major changes easily without too dependent on any 3rd party components. Take Plesk as like the iPhone's iOS / Android's OS, Apple App Store or Google Play Store will be the Plesk Extensions. You choose from the available apps / extensions you need and install only at your Plesk server - maximizing the server's resources and have all your favourite apps in place.

With more than 100+ of extensions available in the Plesk market place, you can pick and choose any of the extensions from category like  Security, Monitoring, Web Development, Web Servers, SEO & Social Media, Server Tools, Feature Packs..etc. By having this extensions installed on your Plesk server, you further enhance the way how you manage your Plesk servers and websites easily. Example with the WordPress Toolkit extensions, it extends the functions for you to manage your WordPress in Plesk easily without the needs to login to the WordPress admin dashboard. If you are service provider, bundling the additional extensions allow you to offer a more complete solutions and charge a higher fees to your solutions.

100+ Extensions

More than 100+ of extensions covering from Monitoring, SEO, Backup & Security are available to be installed on your Plesk server.

Plug & Play

Plesk makes extension out from its core that allow each of the extensions can be install from the Plesk GUI without any technical know-how.

Flexible Pricing

Plesk extensions are available in either zero cost, freemium model and commercial edition. You get extra 15% discount when you buy from our store.

The Must Have Plesk Extensions on Your Plesk Server

Top rated Plesk extensions that you should install on your Plesk server. 

Imunify360 Linux Web Security

Imunify360 is the complete, multi-layered web server security  platform. It has: 

  • An advanced firewall/WAF with machine-learning rulesets;
  • IDS/IPS;
  • Automatic virus & malware scanning and removal;
  • Malicious PHP script detection and blocking ("Proactive Defense" component);
  • Rebootless kernel patch updating ("KernelCare" component);
  • Web host panel integration.

Licensing Imunify360 Linux Web Security

Protect your Plesk Linux web servers with Imunify360 with 10% discount off retail pricing.

Imunify360 Advanced Firewall Management
KernelCcare for Linux Plesk


This extension protects Linux servers against critical security flaws and vulnerabilities. It installs kernel updates on the fly without rebooting the server. KernelCare offers the following benefits:

  • Checks for updates every four hours.
  • Supports manual or automatic updates.
  • Allows to roll back changes.
  • Displays the server uptime.
  • Check out the list of support Linux OS kernels.

Licensing KernelCare

Get 10% off when you license Linux KernelCare to take care of your Plesk server with the latest update without the need to reboot your OS. No reboot, no downtime.

Plesk Email Antispam Security Pro

Cyber threats? Spam? A thing of the past! Managing spam and viruses is one of the most used features when hosting email. Invest in the Plesk Email Security offering to protect your business from the expanding cyber threat landscape, and mitigate damages inflicted upon your business. The new Plesk Email Security extension gives spam and viruses no chance!  

Free version of this extension includes

  • Configurable anti-spam filter (incoming/outgoing)
  • Server-wide and individual anti-spam settings (white-/blacklist handling, marking spam and sensitivity)
  • Email configuration checker (DNS/RDNS records, MX-settings, Ports)
  • Settings migration from built-in antispam

Plesk Email Security Pro Paid Version includes

  • Anti-virus scanning of emails
  • Anti-virus quarantine management
  • Daily updates of the anti-virus database
  • Automatic learning of spam and ham messages via actions in the email client (mark as spam/not spam)
  • Daily updates of the anti-spam database
  • Detailed statistics overview of the email traffic (ham, spam, viruses)
  • DNS blacklist management

Special Notes

Plesk Email Security requires Dovecot and Postfix, shipped as components with Plesk, on a Linux server. The extension works independently from Plesk's built-in SpamAssassin component. This extension disables the user interface and the rules added by the component if installed! You don't have to install or uninstall the SpamAssassin component to use Plesk Email Security properly. The Greylisting functionality does not work with Email Security and is disabled in the installation process.  

Plesk Email Security Licensing

This extension is licensed per server and protect your entire user's mailboxes. You get 10% discount off (annually) Plesk retail when you get it from our store.

Plesk Email Security Pro Pricing
Plesk WordPress Toolkit License Discount

WordPress Toolkit

Bring your website management services to the entirely new level and save hours of your time!

Improve your productivity with WordPress Toolkit:

  • Automatically secure and update multiple WordPress websites at the same time
  • Manage all your WordPress websites from one place, including WordPress installation and removal, cloning that easily creates staging and production environments, and working with websites located on remote servers
  • Test your WordPress website updates using Plesk fully automated AI-powered visual regression testing engine - Smarter Updates (as below).

WordPress Toolkit Features

  • Install, activate, update, and remove plugins and themes from one place - to improve your productivity
  • Selectively secure WordPress websites - to keep the highest level of security precisely in the way you expect
  • Clone WordPress websites - to save time on development and maintenance
  • Synchronize the changes between files and databases of different WordPress websites - to increase your efficiency
  • Manage WordPress search engine indexing - to make sure that with the best SEO you drive to the highest possible traffic to your websites
  • Manage all WordPress sites on the server - to make your server admin tasks easier
  • ... and many more. Check the extension to discover all other cool features that help you handle your WordPress sites

Licensing WordPress Toolkit

WordPress Toolkit is free for the owners of Plesk Web Pro and Plesk Web Host editions. If you have Plesk Web Admin edition, this extension needs to be purchased separately at 15% discount off (annually) Plesk retail from our store.

Smart Updates for WordPress

Smart Updates identifies needed updates, simulates and applies them. Worry if any WordPress update might break the site? You get notified and can perform adjustments before all hell breaks loose. Never break a live site again with Smart Updates.

Automated updates

  •  Smart Updates look for new updates constantly and update your WordPress, plugins, and themes automatically, checking the update results on a clone of your website first.

Smart Automated Tests

  • After running the update on a clone of your website, Smart Updates test your WordPress automatically looking for bugs, errors, and display issues.

You are always in charge

  • You are notified about the results of the tests. Your website updates are never applied on the production if the automated regression testing tool determines that your site broken after the test update run. 

WordPress Smart Updates Functionality

  • Available on a per-site basis.

  • Both manual and automatic updates are supported.

  • Smart Update clones the website and tests the update on a clone without affecting the production website.

  • Smart Update service analyzes the update, identifies the changes, and decides if the update should be performed on a production website.

  • Production website is not affected until the update is either confirmed by user (manual update) or introduces no new issues (automatic update).

  • Smart Updates are available for WordPress core, plugins and themes.

Smart Updates Licensing Requirements

Smart Updates works with WordPress Toolkit (as above) but requires a separate license. The feature is licensed on a per domains on your Plesk server installation (available in 1/5/10/30/100 and Unlimited domains). You get 10% discount off (annually) Plesk retail when you subscribe it from our store.

Plesk WordPress Smart Updates Licensing
Plesk Speed Kit Website Loading Speed

Speed Kit Makes Your Websites Faster

Speed Kit is a one-click solution to accelerate your website.
By rerouting your web traffic through Speed Kit's caching infrastructure, it achieves a typical performance boost of 50-300%!

Why Is Your WordPress Websites Loading Speed Important?

Page load time is money. Amazon found that 100ms of extra load time cost them 1% of annual revenue – that's over US$1 billion every year!

Similarly, Google has found that 500ms of additional page load time make 20% of all users abandon their search request.

The other way around, GQ experienced an 80% increase in traffic after improving their page load time from 7s to 2s.  

How Does Speed Kit Helps Speed Up Your Website

  • Dynamic Content Caching: In contrast to all other acceleration plugins, Speed Kit caches even frequently changing data such as your website's HTML or user comments. Through its unique Bloom filter-based cache coherence scheme, it makes sure that no user ever sees stale content.
  • Image Optimization: By resizing and transcoding images according to the user's device dimensions, Speed Kit saves bandwidth and accelerates page loads.
  • 3rd-Party Caching: Speed Kit caches and accelerates third-party assets (e.g. Google fonts) which are uncacheable for CDNs.
  • Edge & Client Caching: Speed Kit serves your data not only from CDN edge caches, but also from caches within the user device (browser cache, Service Worker cache) for instant load times.
  • Personalized Content Caching: Through Dynamic Blocks, Speed Kit accelerates even personalized data such as a shopping cart or a user-specific greeting – contact plesk@baqend.com for free onboarding support with this feature.
  • HTTP/2 & Network Optimization: Speed Kit uses an encrypted HTTP/2 connection and automatically optimizes the entire network protocol stack to give your users the ideal surfing experience.
  • Performance Monitoring: Speed Kit measures and optimizes the Speed Index and the First Meaningful Paint of your website, i.e. your website feels faster for users.
  • Web Push & Offline Mode: Speed Kit transforms your website into a full-fledged Progressive Web App (PWA). The built-in Offline Mode hides network problems from your users by showing the last-seen version of your website instead of an error message whenever there are connectivity issues. Web Push further let's you (re-)engage website visitors with ease.

Licensing Speed Kit

Speed Kit is licensed base on number of domains just like WordPress Smart Updates. Available in 1 / 10 / 30 and Unlimited Domains. You save 10% when you subscribe it from our store.

SEO Toolkit

You need SEO to stand out, to not only give your customers a chance to find you but also, and more importantly, to pick your site over those of your competitors. Design and execute your SEO strategy, monitor your keyword rankings, and benchmark yourself against your competitors – all in one place.

Site Audits

Analyze your website with Site Audit for common SEO issues and get immediate optimization recommendations

Log File Analyzer

Instantly review search engine crawler activity on your websites with the Log File Analyzer

SEO Advisor

Get actionable insights as a task list, such as duplicated content, defective lins, H1/H2/H3 headings, and much more with the help of the SEO Advisor

Rank Tracker

Using the Rank Tracker you can compare your keyword performance to that of your competition and react to ranking changes quickly and intelligently to dominate your competition

SEO Toolkit Licensing Requirements

SEO Toolkit is license base on the number of keywords per Plesk installation. You make a 10% savings when you buy from our store.

Plesk SEO Toolkit Licensing Price Discount
Plesk SEO Toolkit License Discount

Plesk Special Packs

We also have special Plesk featured packs that combines couple of extensions in one single package and gives you more discounts and ease your activation.

Cheapest Plesk License

Get Started Today With An Instant 37% Discount on Plesk Web Admin / Web Pro / Web Host

+ 10% discount on any of the Plesk Extensions !

Choose Your Platform Environment
VPS / Cloud VM
Dedicated Server
Dedicated Server
  • VPS / Cloud VM
  • Dedicated Server
Plesk Web Admin
$7.70/moPlesk Retail : $13.5/mo
  • For website owner and server administrator.
  •        10 Domains
  •         WordPress Toolkit SE
  •         Subscription Management
  •         Account Management
  •         Reseller Management
Plesk Web Admin
$7.70/moRetail : $13.5/mo
  • For website owner and server administrator.

  •         10 Domains
  •         WordPress Toolkit SE
  •         Subscription Management
  •         Account Management
  •         Reseller Management
Best Value
Plesk Web Pro
$12.00/moPlesk Retail : $20.50/mo
  • Complete solution for web designers and developers.
  •         30 Domains
  •         WordPress Toolkit
  •         Subscription Management
  •         Account Management
  •         Reseller Management
Best Value
Plesk Web Pro
$12/moRetail : $20.50/mo
  • Complete solution for web designers and developers.

  •         30 Domains
  •         WordPress Toolkit
  •         Subscription Management
  •         Account Management
  •         Reseller Management
Plesk Web Host
$20.50/moPlesk Retail : $35.50/mo
  • Ultimate solution to grow your web agency business.
  •         Unlimited Domains
  •         WordPress Toolkit
  •         Subscription Management
  •         Account Management
  •         Reseller Management
Plesk Web Host
$34.5/moRetail : $58.50/mo
  • Ultimate solution to grow your web agency business.

  •         Unlimited Domains
  •         WordPress Toolkit
  •         Subscription Management
  •         Account Management
  •         Reseller Management

100% Guarantee Original Plesk License Key

You can be sure the license key you receive will be an official license key generated from Plesk licensing server. It will not be any crack key or shared Plesk license key nor you need to run any encrypted script on your Plesk installation server for the activation on the Plesk license key.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I purchase the Plesk Extensions?

Plesk extensions ties with the Plesk license key. When you are checking out at our store, you will be able pick up this extensions to be activate together with your Plesk license purchase.

Do I get the activation instantly?

Yes! As your Plesk license is issued, the extension will also be activated accordingly. You will get the activation instruction via email for the Plesk extensions.

What are the billing cycle you support?

Monthly and annually. Going with Annually gives you the max discount you can enjoy which is up to 37% for your Plesk base license and 15% discount for Plesk extensions.

I already have a Plesk license, can I just get the Plesk extensions with you?

Why not get your Plesk license with us as it makes it easy for you to manage the licenses with just single provider. Plus, you enjoy a higher discount.

Do you offer full refund if I would cancel my license for unutilized period?

Short answer - Yes but within the 3 days of your service activation date. If you exploring on Plesk license, we recommend signing up the 14 days free trial to try out before you buy the actual license. To request for the refund, login to the client portal to issue a service cancellation. Refund will be issued as credit to your account for any future purchase.

Is my license automatically Renewed and charged?

Your credit card or PayPal will be automatically charged as the invoice is due by our automation system. This is to ensure you can operate your Plesk license & extensions without any interruption. If you wish to cancel the license, please do login to the client portal and issue a cancellation request before the service due date to avoid any charges being made.


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