Update: 1st October 2020

cPanel and Plesk announce a new round of prince adjustment as being captured on their website. On average there’s a 10% price increase across the board and bulk pricing is about 75% increase.

Let’s take a look on how much would it cost for both of this 2 famous control panel in terms of their pricing.

cPanel Overview

cPanel is one of the control panel largely adopted by hosting companies in offering their hosting services for their clients. The friendly GUI control panel offer some of the basic functions just as managing of email accounts, databases, FTP accounts, 1-click installation of famous CMS such as WordPress, built-in web statistics..etc

For users running their online presence on a Cloud VM / VPS or Dedicated Server environment which are not so techie, they can easily manage some of the basic sysadmin configuration from the GUI of cPanel – namely WHM (Web Host Manager).

How much does cPanel Cost?

Let’s take a look on the original cPanel retail pricing prior to the price increase adjustment on year 2019.

cPanel Price before Price Increase on year 2019

The original retail cPanel price support unlimited domains with just one single pricing. This pricing structure works pretty well for most web hosters and users as with just single pricing, you can host unlimited domains/customers on the same server.

If you are an official cPanel NOC partner, and committed with certain volumes of cPanel license subscription, you will enjoy a better discounted partner rate for your cPanel pricing – further bring down your cPanel licensing cost.

However, back to around June 2019, cPanel made an official announcement to completely change the licensing model. Instead of base on one single license with unlimited domains, the new pricing structure will be based on per cPanel accounts you host on your server.

The announcement made a huge impact especially to the web hosting community. There are even petition being setup to gather around the community support to stand against the pricing changes but nothing has stop the change.

The new pricing structure kick start on early of September 2019 and some of the partners only see the impact beginning on Jan 2020.

So what’s the new cPanel pricing structure looks like?

New cPanel Price Goes Live as of Sept 2019 on cPanel.Net Store
cPanel Price Increase
New cPanel Price effectively from Jan 2021 from cPanel.Net Store

New cPanel Retail Pricing

Changes reflect the new pricing after the new pricing for Jan 2021. (The last pricing is being marked with strike-through)

cPanel RetailRetail Pricing (USD)Accounts HostedCost Per Account (USD)
cPanel Solo VPS15115
cPanel Solo VPS Admin20 2254.00 4.40
cPanel Solo VPS Pro30 32.25301.00 1.075
cPanel VPS Premier45 48.501000.45 0.48

New cPanel Partner Pricing

cPanel Partner PricingRetail Pricing (USD)Accounts HostedCost Per Account (USD)
cPanel Solo VPS10110
cPanel Solo VPS Admin12.552.5
cPanel Solo VPS Pro17.5300.5833333333
cPanel VPS Premier32.51000.325

If you are cPanel NOC partner, you get certain level of discount but the pricing are still on the high side.

cPanel Pricing New vs Old Modeling Comparison

Accounts HostedPricing (USD)Cost Per Account (USD)Remarks
10032.50.325New Pricing. 62.5% increase vs old price
100200.2Old Pricing
30052.50.175New Pricing with each account after 100 is billed at $0.10 $0.30 per account. 250% price increase vs old price
300200.0667Old Pricing

As we can see, the new pricing model (base on the cPanel NOC partner price) still made a huge impact with the % of price increase hitting direct to the web hosting industry.

Plesk Overview

Plesk, is also one of the control panel famously used by the hosting companies. There’s been some perception that Plesk is a “Windows control panel” as it offer the stability and features which some other Windows control panel cannot provide.

Throughout the years since the launch of Plesk v12, follow by Plesk Onyx (v17) and with the latest edition Plesk Obsidian (v18), Plesk has made a huge transform on how it position itself.

Plesk extensions (integrated 3rd party modules), WordPress Toolkit (a powerful tools to simplify your management of your WordPress websites), NGINX and multi PHP environments, GIT, Dockers as well as a complete revamp on its user interface for better user experience, Plesk has started to regain the attention from the market as one of the preferred choice of control panel.

How Does Plesk Pricing Looks Like?

Here’s how Plesk price before the price increase change adjustment on year 2017.

Plesk Pricing before adjustment on year 2017

This is the new pricing model since year 2017 as of this post is written (26/9/2020).

New Plesk Pricing after adjustment on year 2017
Plesk License Pricing on Year 2021. A 10% increase vs the last change on year 2017.

During the price adjustment on year 2017, Plesk also taken the steps to phase out some of the old licensing model such as Plesk 100 & 300 domains. Customers who is on this licensing model can continue to use and they will be charge base on the Plesk Web Host licenses with the exception of not able to enjoy the new features if they remain on the old SKU.

With the new pricing announced by Plesk back on October 2020, the new pricing increase by 10% and the it goes live on Jan 2021.

Plesk Retail Pricing (Before Price Increase at year 2017)

Plesk Retail (before change on 2017)Retail Pricing (USD)Accounts HostedCost Per Account (USD)
Plesk Web Admin VPS5100.5
Plesk Web Pro VPS10300.33
Plesk Web Host VPS15UnlimitedNA

Plesk Retail Pricing (After Price year 2017 Price Increase)

Plesk Retail (after change on 2017)Retail Pricing (USD)Accounts HostedCost Per Account (USD)
Plesk Web Admin VPS10101
Plesk Web Pro VPS15300.5
Plesk Web Host VPS25UnlimitedNA

Plesk Retail Pricing (After Price year 2021 Price Increase)

Plesk Retail (after change on 2017)Retail Pricing (USD)Accounts HostedCost Per Account (USD)
Plesk Web Admin VPS11101.10
Plesk Web Pro VPS16.50300.55
Plesk Web Host VPS27.50UnlimitedNA

Plesk New Pricing Modeling

How much does the impact after the announcement of Plesk price increase on year 2017 (strike-through) and year 2021?

Plesk Retail Retail Pricing (USD)Cost Per Account (USD)Remark
Plesk Web Admin VPS – 10 domains (year 2015)50.5Old Pricing
Plesk Web Admin VPS – 10 domains10 111 1.10New Pricing with a 100% increase on year 2015 vs 2017 and 10% increase on 2021.
Plesk Web Host VPS – 300 domains (year 2015)150.05Old Pricing with assumption of 300 domains.
Plesk Web Host VPS – 300 domains25 27.500.083 0.092New pricing 2017 with a 66% increase vs 2015 pricing and 10% increase on 2021.

The new pricing increase also result in significant % price hit to the end users.

For Plesk partners, depending on the level of commitment you have with Plesk, the discount tier will be different.

As we can see from the cPanel pricing modeling above, even with discounted % on your partnership, any Plesk partner will also taste the hit of the price adjustment.

cPanel vs Plesk New Pricing Modeling

So how does the new cPanel vs Plesk pricing comparison. Which will you give a better lower cost per account?

cPanel vs Plesk (New Pricing)Retail Pricing (USD)Cost Per Account (USD)
cPanel Plesk VPS Pro – 30 Domains30 32.251.00 1.075
Plesk VPS Pro – 30 Domains15 16.500.5 0.55
cPanel VPS Premier 300 Domains85 108.500.28 0.36
Plesk Web Host 300 Domains25 27.500.083 0.092

We can see it very obvious that with a 300 accounts running on a cPanel VPS Premier retail model, the cost is about 350% higher than Plesk Web Host edition.

How Can You Make More Cost Savings Per Account

With the new pricing structure for cPanel, in order for most of the hosting companies to remain and keep up with their margin – especially on the shared hosting business. They would be looking into hosting more accounts per server to lower down the cost per accounts.

However, this kind of arrangement will result back in stability and performance issues which will impact your websites.

Alternative to cPanel, there are other control panel options such as DirectAdmin, Centos Web Panel..etc.

For the purpose of this comparison, we use Plesk as the comparison target with cPanel.

You can make a greater savings on your Plesk License through the official Plesk Partner Store like CPLicense.Net.

Here’s a quick overview ..

cPanel vs Plesk (New Pricing)Retail Pricing (USD)Cost Per Account (USD)
cPanel Plesk VPS Pro – 30 Domains30 32.251.00 1.075
Plesk VPS Pro – 30 Domains15 16.500.5 0.55
cPanel VPS Premier 300 Domains85 108.500.28 0.36
Plesk Web Host 300 Domains25 27.500.083 0.092
CPLicense.Net Plesk VPS Web Host 300 Domains14 16.50 (Price from CPLicense.Net Store)0.047 0.055

With the same Plesk Web Host License, you will be able to enjoy a savings of up to 37% of your Plesk license vs the Plesk retail pricing. When you go with yearly subscription for the Plesk Web Host License, your savings will reach up to 40% off Plesk retail for your monthly Plesk license.

Plesk offer services to migrate from cPanel to Plesk. If you would like to do it yourself, there’s a Plesk Migrator Extensions that help you to do that as well.

Work out your own due diligence among the 2 control panel and understand what would be your customer requirements. While web hosting is a commodity business, each hosting companies runs and operate a different backend infrastructure and offerings. You know your business than your competitors.

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