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High speed, secure and easy to use with instant setup. No bandwidth restriction.

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What's VPN and Why Would You Need It?

A VPN (virtual private network) allows you to initiate anonymous, encrypted browsing sessions over any network connection. We conduct more personal and professional business in public places than ever before. Unfortunately, anyone else on the same public network (example when you are connected to the free HotSpot or Wifi at any cafeteria or airport) can easily see the sites you access and information you transmit. When you buy a high-speed VPN service to protect your Internet access, you can conduct business with confidence and assurance that you are protected from prying eyes on public networks.

No Restriction

Connect to any high-speed VPN server anytime, without data restrictions or download caps.                                 


Your connection is secured with 256-bit AES Encryption. Support OpenVPN, L2TP-IP Sec and PPTP Protocols.

High Speed

With 1000+ servers in 35+ locations you get access to one of the fastest VPN’s available.                                 

No Activity Logs

We will not track or store your browsing history or reveal what data you’re sending.

Multiple Devices

You can connect up to 5 devices concurrently with one single VPN subscription and enjoy all the same protections.


With IPLock, you’re assigned a new IP address at random, every time, and you can appear as if you are coming from anywhere in the world.

Get Secure And Private Access To The Internet.

Shield your personal data and get peace of mind each time you use public Wi-Fi, access personal and work accounts on the road, or just want to keep your browsing history to yourself. 

  • Hide your IP address
  • Protect your online identity
  • No activity logs to track browsing
  • Secure your bank transactions
  • Use military-grade encryption
  • Be safe on public Wi-Fi networks

    Secure High Speed VPN Internet

    Stream And Browse Without Limitations

    From video streaming to social networks, our VPN works anywhere and allows you to access the sites and apps you love. Plus fast speeds for easy browsing and no more buffering or long waits.

  • Access blocked websites
  • Watch streaming services anywhere
  • Bypass local internet censorship
  • Play region-locked games
  • Get better deals online
  • Stay private and anonymous
  • Access to P2P and Torrent networks download.
  • Protec All Your Devices - Windows, Mac, iOS, Android and Linux

    Access the internet from anywhere, whether you’re on a computer, smartphone, or tablet. Our apps let you surf unrestricted with no coding or complex setup required. Simply download and connect.  

    VPN for Mac, Windows, iOS, Android, and Linux.

    Blazing Fast VPN Speeds, Unlimited Bandwidth

    High Speed Network VPN China







    Just one subscription covers and protects up to 5 devices simultaneously.

    1 Month
    •        No Restrictions
    •         High Speed Networks
    •         Unlimited Bandwidth
    •         256-bit AES Encryption
    3 Months
    •         No Restrictions
    •         High Speed Networks
    •         Unlimited Bandwidth
    •         256-bit AES Encryption
    6 Months
    •         No Restrictions
    •         High Speed Networks
    •         Unlimited Bandwidth
    •         256-bit AES Encryption
    Save 30%
    1 Year
    •         No Restrictions
    •         High Speed Networks
    •         Unlimited Bandwidth
    •         256-bit AES Encryption

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Do I really need a VPN protection for my Internet access?

    Typically, all of your internet traffic passes through your ISP's servers, which means they can see and log everything you do online. They may even hand your browsing history over to advertisers, government agencies, and other third parties.

    However, if you use a VPN, your traffic is sent via a dedicated remote server. In doing this, the VPN hides your IP address and encrypts all the data you send or receive. The encrypted data is unreadable to anyone who intercepts it.

    How do you secure against DNS Leaks protection?

    We treat the potential on DNS leaks (A DNS leak refers to a security flaw that allows DNS requests to be revealed to ISP DNS servers, despite the use of a VPN service to attempt to conceal them) very serious and have state of the art measures to prevent this from happening.

    Do you offer any free trial for the VPN's Service?

    Yep, you can signup for a 7 days free trial on our VPN services and try out the services. 

    Is my subscription automatically Renewed and charged?

    Your credit card or PayPal will be automatically charged as the invoice is due by our automation system. This is to ensure you can operate your VPN subscription without any interruption. If you wish to cancel the license, please do login to the client portal and issue a cancellation request before the service due date to avoid any charges being made.

    What is Remote and Local ID for IKEv2?

    The Remote ID is the server address and the Local ID is the vpn username. IKEv2 is also known as Internet Key Exchange version 2. It is an advanced VPN protocol that provides a balance between security and speed. It is an ideal protocol for mobile devices.

    What's the VPN protocol supported?

    We support all the state of the art protocols: Openvpn UDP/TCP, IKEv2, L2TP/I7Psec, PPTP.

    Does it support P2P & Torrents download?

    We support both P2P downloads or torrents. You can connect with any server and use them for P2P or torrents.  

    Do you log any of the VPN traffic?

    Nope, all traffics passing through our VPN services are not logged.

    How many devices I can connect at the same time with the VPN services?

    You can connect up to 5 different devices at the same with one single VPN subscription. If you need to connect more than 5 devices, we recommend to sign up for a separate VPN subscription.

    Does your VPN works in country like in China?

    Short answer - Yes. However, it is always a bit of a puzzle as the Chinese government does it best to make sure VPN wont work (this applies for every other VPN service providers.)