Did you know that 43 million internet domain names are registered every year?

That is 5,000 domain names an hour. Interestingly, of the over 350 million domains registered in the first quarter of 2019, 75% of them remain unused today.

There is a couple of different reasons for this but one of the big ones has to be – there is a lot more to running a website than registering the domain name. Website development is a complicated undertaking that takes patience, skill, investment funds, and Plesk or the like.

If you are in web development and not living under a rock somewhere, you have heard about Plesk. A global player in Windows and Linux-based server content management software, Plesk is considered one of the best hosting control panels and end-to-end complete web solution money can buy.

Over 11 million websites running on more than 350,000 servers around the world trust Plesk to manage and empower their day-to-day internet business needs and we have come to understand why.

Keep reading to learn the most important things you need to know about purchasing Plesk for your site’s content management.

Who Needs Plesk?

The short answer is: any individual or company that is responsible for the development and/or operation of an internet-based enterprise’s website could potentially benefit from purchasing Plesk.

Plesk is for:

  • Web design professionals
  • Website management professionals
  • Domain hosting companies
  • Domain owners with websites of all sizes

Things You Need to Know About Plesk

We put together these 5 important things you should know before investing in Plesk for your website management needs.

1. There Are Several Editions

First thing first – what is a Plesk? What is the difference between the editions? Here, in this section, we break down your choices.

The reasons for buying Plesk and the intended uses for a Plesk vary widely depending on your business model. Let’s take a look at each of Plesk’s four editions designed and optimized specifically for your needs.

Plesk Web Admin Edition

Website owners and web administrators that run and manage websites for their employer appreciate the simplified user interface of Plesk Web Admin. With this edition, you can concentrate on domain management without worrying about service provider related overhead such as reseller and subscription management.

Plesk Web Admin comes with support for up to 10 domains.

Plesk Web Pro Edition

The Plesk Web Pro edition is for professional website designers, developers, and SEO providers that need to manage multiple customers’ websites from the same convenient platform.

Plesk Web Pro Edition comes with support for up to 30 domains.

Plesk Web Host Edition

Are you starting or already running a web hosting business? Then the Plesk Web Host Edition is exactly what you need now and in the future as your business grows.

Only the Plesk Web Host Edition comes with full support for reselling licenses just like us. Both the Web Pro and the Web Host edition include subscription and account management to serve your customers better.

Plesk Web Host Edition supports unlimited domains!

Plesk Web Admin SE

Plesk Web Admin SE is a limited feature edition of Web Admin that only works on certain cloud servers such as AWS & Digital Ocean.

2. Get More With Extensions

Plesk comes with basic core components only. Keeping the Plesk installation light is how Plesk ensures that their product updates install correctly and keeps the entire system playing nicely with third-party apps through extension sandboxing.

Plesk extensions provide the means to use third-party tools and apps for a variety of website management needs such as:

  • Security
  • Email
  • SEO
  • Social media
  • Activity monitoring
  • Server tools
  • Open-source content management such as WordPress

There are 100+ extensions ready to be installed on your server with more being developed all the time. Here are a few of the must-have Plesk extensions and toolkits:

WordPress Toolkit

Since its release in 2003, WordPress has become the top content management system, powering over 38% of the sites (as of October 2020). Plesk is compatible and fully capable of managing your WordPress powered website(s) and plugins.

Plesk Admin and Plesk Admin SE come with limited WordPress integration extensions. Web Pro and Web Host editions come with the full range of WordPress tools and plugin management extensions to keep you and your client’s websites relevant in the ever-growing open source content management sector.

Plesk Email Antispam Security Pro

Plesk Email Security Pro

As powerful as it sounds, this extension monitors and protects the data coming in and out of your email server like a dog protects its bone. The FBI recently released a dire warning that cybercrime costs individuals and businesses an incredible $3.5 billion annually.

Malware, viruses, and ransomware most often find their way into a server through malicious spam emails that disguise themselves as being from trusted sources. Protect yourself and your customers with this must-have extension.

SEO Toolkit

Plesk SEO Toolkit

Google updates its search engine algorithm 500-600 times a year. Search engines are forever increasingly intelligent and you don’t want to miss out on what SEO optimization can bring your website in way of organic traffic. The SEO toolkit extension for Plesk includes invaluable tools such as:

  • Rank tracker
  • SEO advisor
  • Site audits
  • Logfile analyzer

Bundled Plesk Special Packs

Save even more when you purchase extensions with our bundled extension packs. With so many useful and empowering plug-and-play extensions it makes sense to buy them in bulk. We have jam-packed deals on extension bundles including:

  • WordPress Pack
  • Business and Collaboration Pack
  • Server and Site Security Pack

More great news: For Plesk paid extensions and commercial editions of app extensions you get a 10% – 15% discount when you buy from our store. Shop Plesk extensions and take full advantage of our best in the industry resale pricing.

3. No English? No Problem

It is called the World Wide Web for a reason. Although English is considered the universal language for business, not every Plesk client uses English on their websites, and not every visitor reads or understands English well. That is why Plesk is available in 32 languages and is used by businesses in over 140 countries.

Need more than one language installed? Plesk allows you to install the software in one language with your license key, but you can purchase additional language packs from us for only $3.60 a month.

4. What Is a Plesk License Key?

Your Plesk License key is your proof of purchase and is how the software knows what license you have and for how long it is valid.

To find your license key click on Tools and Settings under the Server Management menu and bring up the license management tool. Under info is your key number. It looks like this: PLSK.02869XXX.0001.

Are you currently paying more for your Plesk license? Not to worry, you can switch your license provider to us in three easy steps:

  1. Request an official termination of your license with your current provider
  2. Sign up and pay for your new license at our online store
  3. Activate the new license at your Plesk installation and enjoy your savings

Our Plesk license keys are 100% guaranteed to be genuine, generated by the Plesk licensing server.

5. Support for Plesk Onyx Ending Soon

Plesk Onyx was released on October 11th and it has been a good run. All things come to an end and support for Onyx will end April 20th, 2021.

Not to worry though, Plesk Obsidian, Plesk’s latest version released in June of 2019, has taken up the reigns. If you are still running Onyx it is time to think about upgrading to Obsidian. Don’t look so sad. Obsidian has even more features and improved functionality. We think you will love it!

The process of upgrading isn’t all that complicated but it will take your system down for a while to complete the switch on your server. Read this article from our blog for advice and instructions on how to perform your Plesk version upgrade.

Buy With Us and Save Big

Plesk is a powerful and all-inclusive solution for your website management needs. All things considered, it is simple math and a good business decision to purchase Plesk with us at a substantial discount. Buy your Plesk license today at 37% off the retail price.

Which control panel you came across that you are using to manage your Websites? Share with us at the comment below.

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